Comparing Fractions Math Worksheet for Grade 4 Students

Comparing Fractions Math Worksheet

Hello to everybody! We’ll be studying about comparing fractions math worksheet today. Parts of a whole can be represented using fractions. For instance, if you have an 8-slice pizza, each slice is equivalent to 1/8 of the entire pie.

To compare fractions, there are two major methods:

Making use of a number line: A number line is a diagram that shows numbers. Verify that the fractions have the same denominator before comparing them with a number line. After that, arrange every fraction on the number line so that its numerators represent the same number of units. The larger fraction is the one that is located further to the right on the number line.

Making use of a fraction model: A fraction is physically represented by a fraction model. To symbolize 1/8 of a pizza, for instance, use a rectangle pizza. Verify that the fractions have the same denominator before comparing them using a fraction model. Create fraction models for every fraction after that. The greater fraction is the one with more of the pizza shaded in.

The Comparing Fractions Math Worksheet can be used to practice fraction comparison once you have mastered the technique. You can compare a range of fractions on the worksheet. To determine which fraction is larger, you can use a fraction model or the number line.

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Comparing fractions Math Worksheet

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